As we head into our 20th year in business, TPS are delighted to be heading into our 10th year of delivering travel plan support on behalf of Bank of America.

Having first been appointed in 2010 to implement a travel plan at the company’s Chester campus, in compliance with a planning requirement, our role has since expanded to cover the ongoing delivery of a proactive sustainable transport programme which covers all Bank sites within the UK and Ireland.

Since 2010 the MyCommute programme has become embedded within the banks broader sustainability programme and contributes to the MyEnvironment programme of initiatives.  TPS will continue to deliver staff engagement sessions at sites in Central London, Surrey, Chester and Dublin and provide strategic support to enhance the travel options available to staff at each site. 

A travel plan is a general term for a package of measures tailored to the needs of an individual site or organisation and aimed at promoting greener, cleaner travel choices and reducing reliance on the car. Where delivered effectively by a business travel plans can deliver a range of benefits to both the employer and employee, including reduced environmental impacts, reduced commuting costs and time, improved health and well-being and reduced parking pressures. TPS is one of the UK’s leading specialist sustainable transport consultants, supporting businesses to develop and deliver focused and cost effective solutions.

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