Bellway Travel Plan

TPS has completed our latest series of Travel Plan websites and guides, on behalf of Bellway Homes. Acting in the role of Travel Plan Coordinator at 3 sites within Yorkshire our team has prepared the engaging websites and guides, reflecting the Bellway brand, to communicate to residents the range of sustainable travel options available at their new home.

The travel guides, which are distributed by the onsite sales team via the show home and at first occupation, provide a useful summary of the travel options available. They are complemented by the bespoke websites (click here to view) which provide further advice, information and tools aimed at ensuring residents are supported in making informed, and hopefully sustainable, travel choices.

To help facilitate the use of sustainable travel options, by reducing costs, a range of offers and discounts are also promoted to residents through the material. These offers and discounts, negotiated by TPS on behalf of our clients, provide savings on items such as bikes, walking gear, running gear, scooters and even EV charging points.

TPS will continue to manage the Travel Plan at these sites alongside over 120 other residential developments where our team act as Travel Plan Coordinator. Our work within the residential sector, which covers in excess of 20,000 homes, not only helps clients to satisfy conditions of planning approval, but also increasingly helps them to promote a site as an accessible and sustainable location, able to satisfy the travel demands of a modern family.

For further examples of the work delivered by our team, please see our residential Travel Plan page.

Are you working within the residential sector and in need of Travel Plan support? We would love you hear from you, so please get in touch.

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