The commute provides a perfect opportunity to introduce physical activity into a daily routine.

As a nation, we need to move more. Busy modern lifestyles see many of us being too inactive, which can have serious consequences for our health. An inactive, unhealthy population costs employer’s money in lost time and puts unsustainable pressure on our National Health Service. Employers, Government and the NHS are all, therefore, increasingly recognising the need to promote and facilitate active and healthy lifestyles.

A proactive health and wellbeing programme is increasingly seen as a must for any good employer; it offers a mechanism by which employers can attract and retain the best workforce, by not only providing the appropriate physical environment, but by supporting individuals with a wider range of ‘softer’ initiatives, aimed at promoting all round well-being.

We believe the commute has an important role to play in this process. It’s a journey many people make daily, and many could do so by running, walking or cycling. We work with clients to develop and implement strategies aimed at getting more people to walk, cycle or run to work.

Typical services delivered include:

Active travel challenges, utilising our software to reward those who run, walk or cycle. (Find out more)

Onsite cycle events, including Dr. Bike sessions and ‘give it a go’ promotions

Focussed promotional and marketing campaigns

Organised walks and rides

Scooting promotions

Bespoke travel guides, marketing literature and mapping

Promotional, marketing and behaviour change campaigns


See how we helped promote active travel through the use of our challenge software, at the Sheffield Business Park.

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