We prepare the strategies and help deliver the solutions required to tackle common issues around car parking.

In a world where the car is king, an increasing number of businesses are experiencing car parking issues. We work with clients to understand where car parking demand can practically be reduced, or better managed. We identify the constraints and opportunities associated with a specific business or site, develop strategies aimed at minimising and managing parking demands, and implement the solutions.

We carry out in depth studies of where people travel from, what (realistic) travel options they have available to them, and what barriers may exist to the use of sustainable modes. We identify those people able to travel by non-car modes, before developing and implementing strategies aimed at influencing a behaviour change.

Typical services delivered include:

Travel surveys (utilising a variety of techniques)

Accessibility assessments

Bespoke Travel Plan strategies (aimed at minimising parking demand)

Car park availability and utilisation surveys

Personal Travel Plan (PTP) delivery

Car park management strategies

Stakeholder engagement

Seconded, retained or call off support to businesses

Promotional, marketing and behaviour change campaigns


See how we are helping to reduce and manage car parking demands at Calder Park, Wakefield.

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