Don’t let the commute disrupt your business relocation. Let us help.

A business relocation can have significant impacts upon a workforce, and if not planned and managed properly, it can also, therefore, have significant impacts upon a business. A workforce grows around a business, with people often living in a location from where they are happy to commute.

A relocation, even over just a small distance, can unsettle things in this respect. Does the workforce still have the same commuting options available to them, or will there be an increase in journey times and cost? Will staff leave, will your new site be able to accommodate parking demands, and what can you do to minimise negative impacts?

We support businesses throughout the entire relocation process, through the application of our commuter relocation planning & support services. We analyse and report upon potential commuter impacts, make plans to minimise negative impacts, and see those plans through to the implementation stage.

Typical services delivered to support a business relocation include:

Commuter travel surveys

Site accessibility appraisals & comparisons

Commuter journey time comparison assessments

Commuter engagement events & campaigns

Personalised journey planning support

Delivery of mode-specific initiatives to support commuters choosing to travel sustainably

Car park management strategies, including car parking demand assessments


See how we helped Surrey and the Borders Partnership NHS Foundation Trust (SABP) to understand and plan for the implications of a corporate relocation.

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