Utilise data to inform and shape your sustainable travel and parking strategy.

Understanding how, why and when people commute is essential if your business wants to develop a strategy aimed at improving or influencing commuting options.

But does that tell you the full story? How people commute currently can vary significantly from how they could commute, given the right information, tools and support. If your commuters aren’t fully aware of the options available to them (which most of them won’t be!), then how can your business make decisions about how to support, influence and improve commuter options.

That’s where we come in. TPS use a variety of tools to help inform businesses about how their commuters travel now, and how they could travel moving forwards. We analyse the data available to help inform decisions taken by a business, ensuring that efforts are focussed, and that strategies are practical, realistic and achievable.

Typical services delivered include:

Commuter travel surveys (utilising a variety of techniques)

Accessibility assessments

Journey option analysis, at a personal level

Use of TRACC to illustrate travel zones

Data mapping and visulisation

Business advice and strategy development


See how we helped the SABP NHS Trust to understand and compare the travel options available to their staff, across different sites.

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