We can help you to fulfill your highways and/or transport related planning conditions.

It is common to find that upon granting a planning approval, a planning authority will attach certain planning conditions. Some of those conditions may require approval by the authority before development commences; other conditions can be discharged during implementation of the development.

The nature of planning conditions will vary depending upon the nature of the development and should be tailored to deal with specific planning issues.  The National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) requires that planning conditions be imposed only where they are ‘necessary, relevant to planning and to the development to be permitted, enforceable, precise and reasonable in all other respects’

The provision of highway works, say to reduce the severity of development related traffic impacts, is often the subject of a planning condition as these works are typically addressed only in principle in the Transport Assessment.  For example, the submission of detailed design drawings and construction specifications for physical works may be the subject of a negative or ‘Grampian’ type condition.  Other conditions may require the provision of information relating to parking provision, service area provision or other physical measures, such as bus stops and shelters, to encourage access by sustainable modes of transport.

Having worked towards securing a planning consent, we work closely and collaboratively with clients to ensure that conditions meet the tests set out in NPPF.  Equally, TPS can prepare the supplementary information required to discharge highway related planning conditions, including the implementation of Travel Plan strategies.  In this regard, we can provide outputs that are tailored to projects and maximise the potential of the development.

Typical services delivered include:

Travel Plan implementation

Car Park Management plans

Construction Management Plans

Highway signage strategies and sign design

Traffic Regulation Orders (TRO)

Highway Stopping Up Orders

Liaison with the highway and planning authority


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