We have an exceptional track record of helping clients to secure planning approvals.

Helping our clients to secure a planning permission is intrinsic to what we do at TPS; we provide a wide range of highway engineering and transport planning services that are required to support and guide an application through the planning process.

We work closely with our clients to establish a comprehensive and appropriate brief based upon our knowledge, experience and application of Planning Practice Guidance (PPG), a suite of documents that set out and reflect the central tenet of the Government’s transport policy which is to reduce our reliance on the private car and to improve accessibility by sustainable modes.  The PPG cites, particularly, the need for Travel Plans, Transport Assessments and Transport Statements to accompany planning applications for developments, particularly major developments.

Transport Assessments, Transport Statements and Travel Plans

Travel Plans are long-term management strategies for integrating proposals for sustainable travel into the planning process. They are based on evidence of the anticipated transport impacts of development and set out measures to promote and encourage sustainable travel whilst not unfairly penalising car drivers.  Transport Assessments are thorough assessments of the transport implications of development and Transport Statements are a ‘lighter-touch’ evaluation to be used where a development is anticipated to have a limited transport impact.

At TPS, amongst other supportive highways related planning information, we are experienced in the preparation of Travel Plans, Transport Assessments and Transport Statements for developments across multiple market sectors, public and private, and various scales from single units to major, strategic residential developments, education provision, retail, commercial and employment opportunities.

Major planning applications may also be subject to the requirement of an Environmental Assessment where the development is examined for potential environmental impacts and likely significant effects.  TPS can also provide traffic and transport inputs in to the Environmental Assessment process and, particularly, prepare the Transport Chapter of an Environmental Statement.  TPS can also provide other members of the design team with information relating to their own assessments of environmental impacts, such as for noise and air quality.

Typical services delivered include but are not limited to:


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Transport Assessments

Transport Statements

Access and highway designs for planning purposes

Road Safety Auditing

Travel Plans

Service and Delivery management plans

Identification of appropriate mitigation works

Environmental Statements (Transport Chapter)

Traffic data preparation for Noise and Air Quality purposes

Parking surveys

Transport inputs in to Design and Access Statements

Traffic survey design and data collection

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