TPS are delighted to head into 2020 with a continuing appointment to support Lloyds Bank with the delivery of a pro-active sustainable travel plan programme, at the company’s Chester campus.

TPS have been delivering a high profile and effective travel plan programme at Chester Business Park for over 10 years, on behalf on MBNA.  With the purchase of MBNA by Lloyds Bank TPS were appointed at the outset of 2019 to develop and deliver a standalone travel plan programme at the company’s Chester site, which continues to support staff in making sustainable travel choices.  Building on the previous MyCommute programme, TPS has already been busy providing the Bank with strategic advice around the subjects of parking and the commute, whilst also assisting with the delivery of a project to relocate staff from the city centre to Chester Business Park.

Our ongoing appointment into 2020 will support Lloyds in delivering a long term behavioural change programme (travel plan), aimed at maximising the use of sustainable travel options whilst assisting with the management of parking demand.

A travel plan is a general term for a package of measures tailored to the needs of an individual site or organisation and aimed at promoting greener, cleaner travel choices and reducing reliance on the car. Where delivered effectively by a business travel plans can deliver a range of benefits to both the employer and employee, including reduced environmental impacts, reduced commuting costs and time, improved health and wellbeing and reduced parking pressures. TPS is one of the UK’s leading specialist sustainable transport consultants, supporting businesses to develop and deliver focused and cost effective solutions.

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