TPS has recently been appointed to prepare a Transport Assessment and Travel Plan for a proposed residential development of up to 1,500 dwellings on behalf of Thirteen Homes. It is the client’s aspiration that the development be constructed to reflect Garden Village principles, with sustainability running through its heart. Our experience in residential travel planning will prove to be invaluable in this regard, as we are able to identify measures (both infrastructure and otherwise) that will be successful in encouraging future residents to walk, cycle and use public transport, rather than drive, where possible.

The site has a complex planning history, benefiting from outline planning consent, for 1,250 dwellings, that has not been enacted, and with elements of the wider site having been brought forward in the intervening period for a mix of commercial / retail uses; one of the two proposed site accesses has been constructed to facilitate this. An initial assessment has been undertaken to consider the implications of this for the internal layout of the site and how this might impact on the capacity / form of the site access junctions. A gravity model enabled us to understand the potential off-site junction impacts, such that we could advise the client team from the outset in terms of potential liability.

Another key challenge in the early stages relates to the fact that the site is located on the border of two local authorities – Redcar & Cleveland and Middlesbrough – as well as being within proximity to Highways England’s network. A key element of the initial phase of work has thus been to identify a scope of works that is acceptable to all three parties (and in the client’s interests), taking into account their differing approaches and motivations.

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