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Barratt & David Wilson Homes – Residential Travel Planning

TPS has assisted Barratt Homes & David Wilson Homes for a number of years to develop and implement Travel Plans across a number of sites, ranging from smaller sites of less than 100 dwellings to sites with several hundred properties.

As part of the planning process, our role has seen us appointed to develop a Travel Plan that is bespoke to each site, taking account of the local opportunities for sustainable travel and the requirements of the respective local authorities.

Our extensive experience of Travel Plan implementation in a residential context has allowed us to develop a formula that works; we recognise that a Travel Plan needs not only to be ‘fit for purpose’ for securing a planning permission, but must also, thereafter, be appropriate and cost-effective to implement.

We take a pro-active approach to implementation. In our role as Travel Plan Coordinator we take on the developers responsibilities associated with an approved Travel Plan (which are often set out by planning condition / S106). This includes the delivery of specific Travel Plan measures ‘on the ground’, liaising with third parties, such as bus ticket providers, and providing a first port of call for the sales team.

Our in-house design team ensures we prepare high quality marketing collateral (travel information websites, residents’ travel guides, newsletters etc.) in a manner that is complementary to the Barratt and David Wilson Homes brand and is appealing to residents.

We manage the monitoring and reporting process at each site to ensure ongoing obligations are met and progress towards Travel Plan targets is assessed appropriately.

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