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ASDA Store Travel Planning

Through our Framework Contract Agreement, TPS has supported ASDA to develop and implement Travel Plans at numerous stores across the UK.

With a focus on ASDA Colleagues and their commute to work, we have prepared store Travel Plan strategies which are appropriate and cost effective in the context of ASDA as an employer, and the opportunities which exist to affect colleague travel choices.

Working with store managers we ensure that colleagues are provided with a range of travel information and support prior to the opening of new stores, through the distribution of bespoke store travel guides and wall displays. This helps to ensure that all colleagues are aware of their full range of travel options prior to the establishment of travel patterns, helping to promote the use of sustainable modes.

Results from surveys are compiled within an annual Travel Plan monitoring note for submission to the relevant local planning authority, ensuring compliance with planning conditions.

Typical services delivered through this role include:

·         Travel Plan Coordination

·         Design and print of bespoke store travel guides

·         Design and print of travel advice wall displays

·         Regular sustainable travel poster campaigns

·         Colleague and customer travel surveys, with annual reporting

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