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Bradford District Care Trust: Travel Plan Support

TPS has been supporting the Bradford District Care Trust (BDCT) for a number of years, to first develop and more recently deliver a bespoke travel plan programme across a number of sites.

BDCT is a community NHS Trust delivering mental health care across a wide geographical and diverse local community.  With three principle sites in and around Bradford City Centre; many of the 3,000 staff having to travel as part of their day to day roles and limited on site car parking, there has long been an acceptance that a more proactive approach to encouraging sustainable travel was needed.

TPS was initially appointed to lead on the development of an organisation wide Travel Plan Strategy; delivering an organisation wide survey programme and creating a branded travel plan campaign.  It quickly became apparent that the travel and accessibility issues differed significantly at each of the principle sites.  As a consequence we developed site specific travel plan strategies and action plans; all of which tied in to the broader organisation wide plan.

Since the adoption of the travel plan programme in 2014 we have continued to support the Trust on an ongoing basis on a range of projects, including event management, delivery of Dr Bike services, marketing and promotion and the graphic design of a range of travel guides, sustainable travel maps and more.

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