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Brookdale, Aiskew

TPS was appointed by developer Taylor Wimpey to prepare a Transport Assessment and Travel Plan in support of development proposals within the village of Aiskew, North Yorkshire.

Through the consultation process, the layout of the site access was debated by members of the local planning authority, and in order to justify the correct solution, TPS produced a detailed technical note discussing the merits of the junction layout. Within this note was analysis of the nature of the major arm of the junction, consideration of the traffic flows, and discussion about the layout of surrounding site accesses. Within the note, TPS included technical information regarding the correct implementation of different junction types, particularly of mini-roundabouts, and was able to prove using the local and national highway design guides that a priority ‘T’ junction would be the appropriate format of site entrance.

As a further task, TPS has helped to rectify design issues found within the Stage 2 Road Safety Audit of the proposed site entrance junction. The RSA2 report noted a number of items that required the designer’s attention, and by using our knowledge of the site, along with engineering and value assessments, TPS was able to create a viable solution that saved the client money in comparison to the original design, whilst complying with the advice of the safety auditor.

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