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Sci-Tech Daresbury: ‘Travel Hub’ Engagement

As part of our ongoing work at Sci-Tech Daresbury, the ‘Travel Hub’ engagement programme was launched in 2014.

‘Travel Hub’ is the brand that has been applied to the travel plan programme being implemented across the multi-occupier science park, aimed at making the campus as accessible as possible by a range of transport modes. As with any travel plan programme, the delivery of a successful engagement campaign is critical. There is an ongoing need to catch and maintain the attention of the target audience; facilitating the distribution of information and promotional campaigns.

Using the recognisable ‘Travel Hub’ brand – created by our in-house design team to compliment the wider Sci-Tech Daresbury brand – a wide range of promotional material has been prepared, for distribution across the site and use at regular events.  This has included:

Branded travel information points, distributed across the campus and containing a range of travel information and maps.

A suite of travel information leaflets, focussing on travel by different modes. This includes leaflets promoting walking, cycling, public transport, car sharing and eco-driving.

A bespoke Sustainable Travel Guide, highlighting the range of travel options available to those travelling to the site. This has been prepared in hard copy format, as well as in an interactive online format for easy distribution (view here).

Event displays, used at the monthly Travel Hub drop-in sessions, and other focussed events across the campus.

A range of tent cards, door hangers and posters, used to promote the Travel Hub programme across the campus.

A branded E-Newsletter, used to communicate with those working across the campus on an ongoing basis.

All branding and promotional materials have been prepared by our in-house design team, working alongside colleagues responsible for the wider delivery of the Travel Plan programme at Sci-Tech Daresbury. The strategic development, currently occupied by around 1,200 employees, is a joint venture between Langtree, Science & Technology Facilities Council and Halton Borough Council. Initially funded through support from the Regional Growth Fund, the Travel Hub is now established at the site and funded through occupier service charge budgets, through a recognition of the wide range of benefits offered to businesses and their employees.

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