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Sheffield Business Park: Active Travel Challenge

To help promote and encourage increased levels of travel by active modes, Sheffield Business Park (in association with the University of Sheffield), launched an Active Travel Challenge during June 2017.

Utilising our Active Travel Challenge software, the site management team challenged staff from across the multi-occupier site to walk, cycle or run more – in return for rewards. By linking to a range of apps and wearable fitness devices participants could automatically upload data on how far they had walked, cycled or run. The system then converts steps and miles spent in the saddle into points, which are totalled up throughout the challenge period.

Following the model adopted by the likes of Vitality, any participant averaging 45 points a day throughout the challenge period was rewarded with a free coffee. The person topping the points chart at the end of the challenge also received a shopping voucher, as an added incentive to go that extra mile!

The health benefits of walking and cycling are well reported, and the need to increase levels of physical activity is accepted by all health and wellbeing professionals. For many people, the commute provides an ideal opportunity to build physical activity into the daily routine, and is therefore a subject of focus whether as part of a travel plan programme, or wider health and wellbeing agenda.

TPS work with clients to develop and implement engaging strategies aimed at maximising the number of people who walk, cycle or run to work. At Sheffield Business Park the Active Travel Challenge forms part of a wider package of measures, supported by TPS, focused upon the commute. Our team is engaged to deliver sustainable transport events and promotional campaigns, Dr. Bike services, and annual staff travel surveys.  


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