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Sheffield Business Park

TPS has worked to support the site Management Team at Sheffield Business Park (SBP) since 2011, when we were initially appointed to undertake and report upon a site wide travel survey in compliance with conditions of planning approval.

Whilst the initial Framework Travel Plan was developed because of a planning requirement, the Management Team continue to recognise the benefits of implementing a pro-active package of Travel Plan measures, both in terms of making the park more attractive to potential occupiers, and operationally in terms of reducing parking demand. They are therefore committed to working with occupiers to promote sustainable travel where possible, utilising our support.

The SBP travel plan concentrates on site wide measures such as bus service promotion, car share promotion, car park management, and site wide events, whilst individual occupiers have a responsibility to develop their own lower order travel plans which address the specific travel demands of their staff.

As TPS also provide support to the University of Sheffield’s Travel Plan Manager, who have a large presence at the site, this puts us in a perfect position to provide economies of scale, knowing that measures can be delivered jointly for the benefit of both clients.

The park continues to expand, with the University of Sheffield constructing a second Advanced Manufacturing Centre (AMRC2), following their Factory 2050 building. The original AMRC was constructed over 10 years ago now and continues to attract big names including Rolls Royce, Boeing and now McLaren.

Recent TPS activities on the park have included:

The design of a bespoke travel guide for the business park and AMRC2 building, in print and digital formats (view here).

The organisation and delivery of a Sustainable Travel Day, providing those working across the site with an opportunity to try out electric vehicles and a hydrogen powered car, amongst other attractions (see a related news article here).

Running a ‘give it a go’ cycle hire scheme – providing people with the opportunity to borrow a standard or electric bike for a period of 3 weeks.

Annual monitoring and reporting of travel patterns across the multi-occupier site.

Delivery of an Active Travel Challenge, aimed at encouraging people to travel to the site by active travel modes (find out more).  

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