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South Kirkby, Wakefield

Gleeson Homes and Regeneration brought TPS on board as part of the project team for the proposed residential development on Broad Lane in South Kirkby, Yorkshire. The proposals included the construction of around 72 residential dwellings, and a site entrance on Broad Lane.

TPS produced a Transport Statement that included a trip generation exercise that compared the previously permitted site with the proposed level of residential development. This showed that in comparison, the new scheme would have less impact upon the local area, and as such was an acceptable development from a highways and transportation perspective. In addition the TS provided vehicle auto-tracking to demonstrate the suitability of the layout.

A Travel Plan also produced for the site included an assessment of the local sustainable travel options, and the provision of a Travel Plan Coordinator to implement a number of measures on site. These include a regular programme of travel surveys to ensure the effectiveness of the development, and actions to provide residents with appropriate travel information prior to buying or moving into a property at this site. The residents will also have travel support once they occupy their new house. 

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