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The Student Housing Company

The UK economy may have been in difficulty in recent times, with many industry sectors finding development tough, but one area of the housing market that has continued to provide healthy growth is the sector providing residential accommodation for university students. With our flexible approach, TPS has been able to provide a range of services to a number of student residential providers, both from the development planning perspective, and for travel plan implementation.

As one of the most forward thinking student residential providers, The Student Housing Company has recognised the value in having a strategic partner to help develop a corporate approach to travel planning. In doing this, they achieve a consistent quality of product and value for money through economies of scale thanks to the holistic approach taken by TPS.

Travel Plan Development

TPS has been appointed by the Student Housing Company and their development partners to prepare travel plans in support of planning applications for numerous sites across the UK. Making use of our experience within the sector we are able to propose a range of practical, realistic and appropriate measures that can be taken forward by The Student Housing Company once the developments are brought into use.

Travel Plan Implementation

TPS has been appointed to the role of Travel Plan Coordinator, on behalf of The Student Housing Company, at a number of sites across the UK. The role requires the delivery of a range of tasks, including stakeholder engagement, student travel surveys and travel plan marketing initiatives.

In particular, we are very proud of the travel websites and guides that we have established at a number of locations to help students plan journeys to the site at the beginning of term, as well as providing information about the local travel options for getting around during the course of their tenancy.

We believe that our approach for The Student Housing Company is practical to implement, and has been positively received by local authorities implementing planning conditions. As a result, TPS is happy to discuss similar arrangements with other providers, and will help to ensure that travel planning commitments are realistic and suitable for purpose.


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