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University of York: Travel Plan Monitoring

TPS was first engaged to undertake staff and student travel surveys on behalf of the University in late 2014. We have since gone on to be appointed to undertake the same tasks on an annual basis, as part of a wider comprehensive data collection exercise to inform the monitoring of the University Travel Plan, and to comply with a series of planning conditions.

Working closely with the Sustainable Travel and Transport Manager our team set up online surveys for both cohorts, in addition to a hard copy version for those without regular access to the internet.

A series of marketing / promotional activities have been used over the years to engage with staff and students, including posters, all staff and student branded emails, pull-up banners and attendance on-site to facilitate people completing the survey over lunch periods. Response rates have increased to both the staff and student surveys year on year.

The findings of each annual survey are published with a Monitoring Report, including a full Carbon Emissions Assessment (for reporting to HEFCE), GIS mapping, detailed analysis and summary of findings. Alongside a detailed technical report, TPS have also in recent years published a summary of the findings within a ‘glossy’ brochure, for distribution to staff, students and relevant stakeholders.


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