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University of York: Travel Plan Support

Like many Universities, the University of York has embarked upon an ambitious programme of expansion in recent years, including the expansion and remodelling of its estate. As a generator of a significant number of daily trips this has left the University with a range of challenges to address, related to access and parking, along with some very specific Travel Plan related planning conditions that must be fulfilled. To facilitate the delivery of its Travel Plan programme, the University have therefore employed a Travel Plan Coordinator, responsible for the development and implementation of a pro-active and bespoke sustainable travel strategy.

Whilst not therefore requiring the services of an external Travel Plan Coordinator, the University does require support and direction with the delivery of specific initiatives. Recognising the specialist nature of our services, and wider experience from within the HE sector, TPS has been appointed by the University since 2014 to provide a range of flexible support services. On a call off basis, our team have delivered a range of specific initiatives including, but not limited to:

Staff and Student Travel Surveys

TPS has been appointed to undertake annual staff and student travel surveys on behalf of the University. Our team prepared surveys in an online format, prepared marketing materials, and subsequently analysed the results for reporting purposes. A formal Travel Plan monitoring report and action plan was produced, along with a more engaging summary report, used to communicate findings with various stakeholders. Findings of the 2017 staff and student travel survey can be seen by clicking here.

Preparation of a Travel Plan Strategy

Our team was appointed to prepare the University’s 2015 – 2020 Travel Plan Startegy (see here); this saw us undertake a full review of travel planning activities to date, in the context of the travel survey data and results of multi-modal counts undertaken on an annual basis. The Travel Plan Strategy was developed as a user-friendly ‘glossy’ document, which includes realistic targets, tangible measures (in an action plan) and details of reporting mechanisms.

Occasional Support: To support the Travel Plan Coordinator our team has:

  • Organised and reported upon on-street parking surveys, in the context of planning thresholds;
  • Prepared the University’s cycling policy, setting out its aspirations, the measures in place and procedures for staff and students utilising these;
  • Undertaken a high-level assessment of the impact of revised car parking permit criteria on likely car parking demand using GIS mapping;
  • Overseen the tendering process for an on-campus travel hub;
  • Supported the University’s applications to a number of awards (including ‘Best Sustainable Travel Initiative’, which it won at the 2015 Yorkshire Press Awards); and
  • Assisting with the preparation of an annual ‘Student Experience’ report.


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