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Westminster University

TPS delivered a number of services to Westminster University, to assist with their travel plan programme.

Staff and Student Travel Survey

Westminster University got in touch with the TPS team in relation to the ongoing monitoring of a travel plan they developed for their Harrow campus.  We were commissioned to undertake a travel survey of staff and students at Harrow to report back to the local planning authority on progress being made towards the targets set to reduce car use at the site.

By using the TPS hosted online survey package we were able to cover the whole organisation and not just those people based at the Harrow site and give the sustainability team a real insight into the travel patterns of staff and students.  In addition to this we have used the data to undertake a full Scope III assessment of carbon emissions from the regular commuting of staff – no easy task in Central London with the range of travel options that are currently used by those accessing the university!

Branded Travel Plan Strategy Report

Having completed a full staff and student travel survey at the Westminster University TPS were subsequently appointed to undertake a review of the current corporate travel plan. The output of this exercise was a glossy A4 ‘Travel Plan Review’ report which incorporates key information about the current travel habits of its staff and student population along with the mechanisms the university are implementing to push towards a more sustainable future.

The report was intentionally pulled together in a user friendly and engaging format, with the aim that it would be distributed around the campus to inform stakeholders of the actions taking place.


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