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How people travel, whether on a daily or occasional basis, can have a wide range of impacts. At a personal level getting from A to B costs us money, takes up our time, and can be a stressful part of our daily lives. Cumulatively the travel choices we make can lead to congestion on our roads, excessive demand for car parking, and lasting damage to the environment.

Considering when, why and how journeys are made is, therefore, important if we are going to overcome many of the travel-related challenges faced by both businesses and individuals. More specifically it is important to consider whether the car is the most appropriate form of transport for each journey, or whether by maximising the use of more sustainable, healthy or cost-effective options, we could overcome many of those challenges faced.

TPS is one of the UKs leading providers of sustainable transport-related consultancy services, often referred to as ‘travel plan’ services. With a specific focus on this specialist area of transport planning, we have successfully grown a team with the skills and experiences required to deliver cost-effective, practical and robust solutions to the varied challenges faced by our clients.

See examples of how we apply our services below. Alternatively, if you are looking to prepare a Travel Plan in support of development proposals, find out how we work with clients from across the development sector here.

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