Our team act as Travel Plan Coordinator at over 150 sites across the UK.

TPS implement Travel Plans on behalf of a wide range of clients across the UK. Our team are currently appointed as ‘Travel Plan Coordinator’ at over 150 sites, which include residential developments, business parks, Universities, employment sites and NHS Trusts.

Having fulfilled the role of Travel Plan Coordinator for almost two decades we understand the nature of the role, the tools which need to be utilised, and how this fits with the aims and objectives of our clients. It is essential that a pragmatic, practical and economical approach to Travel Plan implementation is adopted, to successfully engage with all stakeholders and to secure buy in to the process.

Our in-house team of consultants and designers deliver all services required in order to successfully implement a Travel Plan strategy, throughout the full life cycle of the project. We are able to take responsibility away from our clients, to ensure that all required measures are delivered on time, to a high standard, and within an appropriate budget.

We deliver the full range of Travel Plan measures required, including the preparation of high quality travel guides and marketing materials, Travel Plan monitoring and surveys, and stakeholder engagement.

We also bring added value. At all sites where we are instructed to implement a Travel Plan, our clients are able to take advantage of a range of sustainable travel related discounts and offers, available to the target audience at no additional cost.

Typical services delivered include:

Preparation of sustainable travel guides, websites and welcome packs

Preparation of annual Sustainable Travel Newsletters

Travel surveys and traffic counts

Preparation of Travel Plan monitoring reports

Bus service tendering and contract management

Stakeholder engagement

Delivery of Personal Travel Plans (PTP)

Set up and management of sustainable travel funds, bus voucher and cycle voucher schemes


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