We undertake travel surveys, traffic counts and prepare Travel Plan monitoring reports.

A common requirement within any Travel Plan strategy is the need to undertake a programme of Travel Plan monitoring. The aim is to monitor over time the impact that your Travel Plan measures are having on modal split, revise the strategy as appropriate, and to report the findings to relevant stakeholders.

TPS fulfil Travel Plan monitoring requirements on behalf of our clients. We undertake travel surveys, organise traffic counts and prepare the resultant Travel Plan monitoring reports.

The scope and nature of the monitoring work we deliver is tailored to the project context, and the aims and objectives of our client. From basic surveys at small residential or employment sites, through to complex surveys at the likes of NHS Trusts, or universities, we utilise the most relevant tools and resources.

Typical services delivered include:

Full or snap shot employee travel surveys

Residential travel surveys

Student travel surveys

Multi modal and site access traffic counts

Preparation of travel plan monitoring reports


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