We specialise in the preparation of practical, economical and appropriate Travel Plan strategies.

A ‘Travel Plan’ is a term used, mainly within the planning sector, to describe a sustainable transport strategy. A Travel Plan can be developed for any type of site, land use or business, such as a residential development, business park, school or supermarket.

National guidance dictates that most major planning applications be supported by the preparation, submission and subsequent implementation of a Travel Plan. A Travel Plan is a package of measures aimed at facilitating and promoting the use of sustainable modes of travel amongst a target audience, whether that is staff, students or visitors.

Whilst a Travel Plan starts out as a planning report, it is important for developers to recognise that in submitting their strategy, they are committing to implement the measures set out within it. A Travel Plan is not, therefore, a tick box report which, once approved, can sit on a shelf. It is a package of measures, which need to be implemented once a site is built and in operation; this has resource and budget implications.

We have a specialist team focussed upon the development and implementation of Travel Plan strategies. We are currently appointed to fulfil the role of Travel Plan Coordinator at over 130 development sites across the UK, including a large numbers of residential developments, Universities, retail stores, mixed use and major employment sites. We use the experience gained through this process to prepare Travel Plan reports on behalf of clients, which include a practical and cost effective range of measures, appropriate to the specific development (and end user) in question.

Typical services delivered include:

Travel Plan report preparation

Travel Plan negotiations and stakeholder engagement

S106. negotiations

Accessibility audits


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