Adult Cycle Training

At TPS we are dedicated to getting more people cycling and empowering people to make sustainable choices every day. Through our extensive knowledge of behaviour change, health and wellbeing and sustainability strategies, we are in an ideal position to offer a detailed range of cycle training options suitable for a workplace, residential or community setting.

Led by our own former Professional Cyclist turned sustainable transport planner – Tom Murray – we continually work with the best cycling instructors to make sure that all our cycling programs are of the highest quality. Adaptable to meet the needs of an individual client, and able to play a vital part in increasing workplace and community health and wellbeing. All our cycling instructors hold a wide range of qualifications and have direct experience in delivering National Standards level training programmes.

Level 1 Cycling Skills Course (Traffic Free)

In level 1 you will work with others to increase your confidence and awareness on the bike. Our experienced instructors will allow you the time and space to get used to the bike, understand its capabilities, and develop the core skills you will require to cycle with confidence. We deliver this in an area free of traffic so that you can concentrate fully on working at ease with the instructors.

If you are new to cycling, have not cycled for some time or want to increase your confidence before heading out onto the roads or cycle tracks this level 1 will help you to do just that.

Please note this is intended as an introduction to cycling, so please do not attend if you are a cyclist of experience.  

Level 2 Cycling Skills Course (On-Road)

Level 2 is an introduction to cycling with confidence on the roads as we take you through where to position the bike, how to interact with traffic and what should be involved in planning a route. If you are up and running on the bike but unsure of how to keep yourself safe on the roads this course is for you.

Please note you must be of a level ready to ride on the road or have attended a level 1 cycling skills course prior to booking your place on this course.

Level 3 Enhanced Cycling Skills Course (On-Road)

At level 3 our instructor team will work with you individually or in much smaller groups, to plan, ride and evaluate a specific cycle route. This route will use a variety of roads and include pinch points, roundabouts and major roads to give you the best insight and knowledge to get your regular ride or commute up and running. If you are wanting to gain an insight to riding in city centres, on major routes or utilise a mix of cycling infrastructure then level 3 is a great opportunity to do that.

Please note you must be a skilled cyclist or have attended the level 2 cycling skills course prior to booking onto this course.