Level 1 Adult Cycle Training Courses

In level 1 you will work with others to increase your confidence and awareness on the bike. Our experienced instructors will allow you the time and space to get used to the bike, understand its capabilities, and develop the core skills you will require to cycle with confidence. We deliver this in an area free of traffic so that you can concentrate fully on working at ease with the instructors.

If you are new to cycling, have not cycled for some time or want to increase your confidence before heading out onto the roads or cycle tracks this level 1 will help you to do just that.

Marked Outcomes:

  • Understand a basic cycle check (M Check) and be able to perform a personal safety check
  • Be able to stop and start safely on a cycle journey
  • Select the correct and most efficient gear
  • Be able to brake effectively and safely
  • Look for hazards ahead and behind on a cycle journey
  • Set pedals at the correct starting point
  • Turn left and right and make U turns, Anticipate and avoid hazards on cycle journey

What You Will Need:

We ask participants to try and bring with you your own bike and helmet (optional), however, please let us know if this is not possible for any reason, and we will endeavour to try and make these available for you.

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