University Of Westminster Travel Plan Strategy

Drawing upon our extensive experience of working within the higher & further education sectors, TPS has supported the University of Westminster in preparing an updated travel plan strategy.

Completion of the project required our team to deliver a number of separate but closely related services, including undertaking a full staff and student travel survey, a scope III carbon emissions assessment, and preparation of a branded travel plan strategy report.

The staff and student travel survey combined with a detailed site accessibility audit helped to inform the measures which would be most likely to meet the University’s identified travel plan objectives, and ultimately shaped the strategy which was put in place.

The output of this exercise was a glossy A4 ‘Travel Plan Review’ report (designed by our in-house team) which incorporates key information about the current travel habits of the University’s staff and student population, along with the mechanisms the University are implementing to push towards a more sustainable future.

The report was intentionally pulled together in a user friendly and engaging format, with the aim that it would be distributed around the campus to inform stakeholders of the actions taking place.