A photograph of a pink bus travelling to University of York

Assessing the Impact of the Pandemic on staff / student Travel Patterns

As part of our ongoing support role with the University of York, our team has been analysing a huge amount of data over the past couple of months, with the aim of understanding how movements to / from the University (all modes) and resultant demand for car parking has altered in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The data includes staff and student travel surveys, multi-modal counts at 29 access points to the Campus, bus user boarding / alighting counts, on-campus parking beat surveys of all 2,000+ parking spaces and on-street parking surveys in 9 zones around the University. The results have been compared with the previous data, captured in 2019/20 and will help inform our work on the University’s new Travel Plan and approach to car park management, moving forwards. Its been extremely interesting to understand the impact the pandemic has had, from empirical data, in terms of mode share, and frequency of trips, particularly.

We are currently working with a number of other HE institutions to collect data on staff and student travel patterns, focusing on how these have altered since 2019, with a view to not only understanding how things have changed for each institution, but also any notable trends across the sector.

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