Development Planning

At TPS, our Development Planning team has a wealth of expertise in supporting clients through the planning process. Our comprehensive approach ensures that we address the unique transport-related challenges and opportunities of each development site with technical expertise alongside practical, honest, and commercially sensitive advice.

Our Expertise

With vast experience across a wide range of clients and sectors, from large-scale residential, retail and employment sites to single dwellings and more niche developments, our team is equipped to handle any Development Planning project. We pride ourselves on building lasting relationships with our clients and have a proven track record of securing successful planning applications.

Our Services

We offer a suite of Development Planning services designed to support clients at every stage of the planning process:

  • Site / Access Feasibility Studies: We undertake Site / Access Feasibility Studies to evaluate the potential of development sites, considering transport and access constraints and opportunities.
  • Transport Assessments and Statements: We prepare detailed Transport Assessments and Statements to evaluate the transport impacts of proposed developments, ensuring compliance with local and national planning policies.
  • Highway Capacity and Junction Modelling: Our team conducts thorough Highway Capacity and Junction Modelling to assess the performance of transport networks and identify necessary improvements.
  • Travel Plan Preparation and Implementation: Our team develops and implements Travel Plans aimed at promoting sustainable travel options, reducing traffic congestion, and enhancing accessibility for all users.
  • Preliminary Highway Design: We provide a preliminary highways design service, complemented by detailed design expertise, offered by our design partners.
  • Construction Traffic Management Plans: We create comprehensive Construction Traffic Management Plans to minimise disruption and ensure the smooth operation of transport networks during construction phases.

Why Choose Us?

Our Development Planning services are characterised by a commitment to understanding the specific needs of each project and delivering tailored, effective solutions. We support clients from initial site selection through to the discharging of planning conditions, ensuring a smooth and successful planning process.

Contact Us

To learn more about how our Development Planning services can benefit your project, please contact us today. Let us help you navigate the complexities of the planning process with our specialist guidance and support.