Travel Plan Preparation

A ‘Travel Plan’ is a term often used to describe a sustainable transport strategy. A Travel Plan can be developed for any type of site, land use or business, such as a residential development, workplace, school or supermarket. It is a package of measures aimed at facilitating and promoting the use of sustainable modes of travel amongst a target audience.

At TPS we have vast experience of preparing Travel Plan reports, to suit the specific needs and requirements of our clients. Travel Plans can be prepared for pretty much anywhere people travel to, and are developed to meet a range of objectives.

In support of planning applications we are able to ensure that a Travel Plan report is appropriate to the scale and nature of the development in question. Our reports find the correct balance between planning compliance, the objectives of our client, and the practicalities of implementation. It is vital as part of this process to remember that a Travel Plan is not a report to be prepared and left on a shelf. In submitting a Travel Plan in support of a planning application, the applicant is signing themselves (or the end user) up to deliver on the commitments made, often secured through a S106 obligation or planning condition.

Beyond the planning system Travel Plans can serve many purposes. Bespoke and pro-active Travel Plan (Sustainable Transport) strategies can assist organisations in achieving a wide range of objectives and outcomes, including reduced environmental impacts, parking demands and congestion. They can help an organisation to attract and retain the best staff, support business relocation’s, and help to improve the health and well being of a workforce.

TPS specialise in the preparation and implementation of bespoke Travel Plan strategies. Through our case studies, news and features we will continue to share the work delivered by our team across the UK.