Artist impression of residential development

Planning Support for Scarborough Residential Development

Through 2020 our team provided Kebbell Homes with a range of transport planning advice and support, in relation to the next phase of development at Middle Deepdale, Scarborough.

The Middle Deepdale site, which has previously been the subject of extensive highways impact assessments, benefits from an outline planning approval secured jointly by Kebbell Homes and Keepmoat Homes. A key requirement placed upon the developers through the approval of that outline consent, is the funding of a bridge (vehicular) over the Deepdale watercourse, with this tied to the build out of the consented development. Owing to the respective developers having differing rates of build on their portion of the site, Kebbell had all but reached the cap on the number of dwellings that could be occupied on their land, however, Keepmoat had not. So as not to disrupt the continuity of build, there was consequently a desire on the part of Kebbell to demonstrate that occupations could continue in advance of the bridges delivery.

Thus, whilst our Transport Assessment was prepared to assess the impact of 650 dwellings on the current application site, we were also required to create a ‘headroom’ argument to show how over time (since the granting of the original consent) the downward trend in residential trip rates had created ‘spare’ capacity and thus the cap on dwellings could be lifted without an undue highways impact.

As part of the Transport Assessment, we were required to consider 21 off-site junctions (including two on the Strategic Road Network), making use of industry standard modelling software to assess the impact of the current proposals for a ‘with’ and ‘without bridge’ scenario. Our team worked incredibly hard to carry out an extensive modelling exercise within a very short timeframe, to ensure the deadline for submission of the application was hit.

Providing additional support to Kebbell Homes TPS was appointed in 2020 to draw upon our extensive residential Travel Plan experience, to prepare and implement a Travel Plan strategy at the site. Through our appointment as Travel Plan Coordinator, we have provided residents across the development with information on their local travel choices, within a bespoke Sustainable Travel Guide and Website. Implementation of the Travel Plan will now continue as development of the wider masterplan progresses, ensuring compliance with the S106 Agreement and Planning Conditions.