Team TPS in the spotlight – Scott Taylor

In this Team TPS spotlight post, we have Scott Taylor. Scott is our Graduate Transport Planner and it’s not his first role with us at TPS!
Find out more about Scott below…

It’s been almost a year since I started my journey at TPS as a Graduate Transport Planner! Before this role, I had the opportunity to gain valuable experience through a summer placement between my second and third year of university, where I was offered a permanent position upon completion.

As a graduate, it’s never a dull day at TPS. Most of my work is focused within the Development Planning team, so day to day I’m often found preparing a variety of Transport Statements and Transport Assessments. I’m also fortunate enough to work alongside the Residential Travel Planning team, where I’m able to get hands on with some of Travel Plan Implementation work we do… although I definitely have a soft spot for preparing Travel Plans!

I’m currently still a student! I’m grateful that TPS is so supportive of me pursuing an MA in Town & Regional Planning at Leeds Beckett University. Balancing my studies with my role at TPS has certainly been an enriching experience, and has really deepened my understanding and appreciation for the work we undertake. I typically give the office a run down on what I’ve learnt (often on newfound love of permitted development rights), and I’d like to think I’m teaching them a few things too.

The past month has probably been our busiest yet, which has allowed me to explore some more of the work TPS deliver. I recently helped Rob by undertaking some Carbon Assessment work for one of our university clients, which really opened my eyes to how much CO2 we produce. I’ve also had the opportunity to grow some of my technical skills in the past month, with Jacob and JT delivering some fantastic training on swept path analysis, visibility splays and traffic flow diagrams.

Outside of work, I’m currently learning to sew! I really appreciate the art and craftsmanship that goes into fashion, and whilst I’m nowhere near the levels of some of the world’s greatest designers, a boy can dream.

I’m also a fan of any and everything pop culture. I probably have the worlds broadest music taste, ranging from French Ballads to Techno, so I’m typically found trapsing around the country attending concerts, with the most recent being Laufey. I also recently invested in a vinyl setup, so Oliva Dean’s Live at the Jazz Café (perhaps the greatest EP of all time), has been on repeat!