Photograph of a variety of different residential travel guides

Residential Travel Plan Implementation

Our team is responsible for Residential Travel Plan implementation at over 100 sites across the UK, covering over 20,0000 homes at present. This provides us with an unrivalled level of experience in this growing sector of work, ensuring that clients benefit from relevant and up to date advice and support.

Residential travel planning as an area of work has been growing over the past 10 years, with a requirement that most major residential planning applications are now supported by a Travel Plan report. The implementation of those residential Travel Plan strategies has however been slow to catch up with the application of Travel Plans in a workplace context, where the drivers, opportunities and obstacles are different. The result is that many residential Travel Plans are written to include impractical, outdated and often costly measures, which developers struggle to implement throughout the period of occupations (and often beyond).

TPS works with residential developers to prepare practical Travel Plan strategies, which can be applied across a single site, or multiple sites, as required. Having prepared those strategies we then take full responsibility for their implementation, providing developers with a cost effective and hassle free solution. We currently deliver various Travel Plan services for developers including Bellway Homes, Taylor Wimpey, Persimmon Homes, Barratt and David Wilson Homes, Avant Homes, Story Homes, Gleeson Homes and Linden Homes.

Services delivered include acting as travel plan coordinator, preparation of travel guides, websites and newsletters, annual travel plan monitoring and the admin of sustainable travel voucher schemes. We also promote a range of pre-arranged sustainable travel related discounts, from well known suppliers including Halfords, EO Charging, Runners Need and Cycle Surgery.