Thorpe Park – Business Park Travel Plan Implementation

Thorpe Park Leeds is a major strategic development and employment site, brought forward by Scarborough Group International (SGI). In addition to the existing 800,000 sq ft of floorspace, SGI has planning permission to add 300 new homes, up to 935,000 sq. ft. of high-quality office space, just under 200,000 sq. ft. of retail accommodation, up to 175,000 sq. ft. of leisure space, including hotels and sports facilities, and 45,000 sq. ft. of cafes, bars and restaurants. The end value of the future development phase is expected to be in excess of £400 million.

Having supported the original development proposals in 1999, TPS has been retained as part of the Senior Project Team since 2000, providing a wide range of support and services focused around the development and ongoing management of a travel plan strategy and associated community initiative.

Best Practice Sustainable Transport Planning

The Thorpe Park Leeds Travel Plan programme, developed and implemented by TPS, is a recognised example of best practice within the UK. Our team has delivered a wide range of initiatives since 2000, aimed at maximising the use of sustainable travel options across the multi-occupier site. Having started the process at a time when limited experience of travel planning was available, our team have through this period learnt many valuable lessons about the opportunities and obstacles that exist when seeking to influence travel habits across such a large and diverse workforce. Measures delivered have been adapted and added to over time to ensure that advantage is continuously taken of the latest travel options, information and technological advances.

We have built close working relationships with key stakeholders, including Leeds City Council, the West Yorkshire Travel Plan Network and local bus operators, to ensure that business occupiers, their workforce, and our client, benefit from the highest quality of Travel Plan support at all times.

Building a Business Community

Our role as Travel Plan Coordinator requires us to engage on an ongoing basis with all stakeholders across Thorpe Park Leeds. As a natural extension to the Travel Plan support provided, our team was therefore engaged to develop and manage a wider business community – entitled ParkLife – across the site.

The ParkLife initiative has grown over time to become the primary channel through which communications take place across the site. We communicate on an ongoing basis, through a variety of channels, with business occupiers, individual employees and local businesses, to develop and deliver a range of initiatives aimed at growing and sustaining a vibrant business community.

Whilst our role continues to evolve as the site grows, specific initiatives delivered to date have included:

  • Development and ongoing management of a ParkLife community website;
  • Distribution of a monthly eNewsletter to registered ParkLife members;
  • Negotiation of exclusive offers, available to ParkLife members;
  • Coordination of onsite events and promotions;
  • Establishment of a business network;
  • Site wide charity initiatives, supporting local charities.