St Clare’s School, Derby – Scoping Note, Transport Assessment and Travel Plan

St Clare’s School in Derby required a Scoping Note, Transport Assessment and Travel Plan to support a planning application for an expansion.

The school is a SEND academy and consequently, due to the special educational needs provision, the majority of the students require assistance travelling to and from the school. Subsequently, this results in additional vehicle trips to and from the site which was a predominate factor in the Transport Assessment and Travel Plan work being undertaken by our team.

Our work focused on demonstrating the accessible nature of the site from the surrounding residential areas, whilst also addressing the issues with the existing highway network in the local area, particularly during school pick up and drop off times. As part of the project, Jacob also undertook a site visit to further assess this, which included on-site observations being fed back to the design team. This then led to a revision of the parking layout to provide a betterment to the existing situation.

Both staff and student surveys were undertaken to establish a representative mode split and to also create aim-type targets focused on car travel alone, with supporting measures set out in the Travel Plan to promote the use of public transport and vehicle sharing, where possible.

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