Sci-Tech Daresbury – Travel Plan Implementation

Since 2013 TPS has fulfilled the role of Travel Plan Coordinator at Sci-Tech Daresbury, Runcorn. One of two National Science and Innovation campuses in the UK, the site is currently occupied by around 60 businesses of different sizes, employing a total of around 1,200 staff. Over the next 20 years there are plans to develop a further 1 million sq ft of floorspace, creating circa 15,000 new jobs.

Our role has been to develop and implement a bespoke travel plan programme, aimed primarily at maximising access options by a range of sustainable modes. Adopting a forward-thinking approach, the developments management team recognise that only by facilitating and maximising the use of a range of transport options will the site realise its long-term growth aspirations. Whilst located close to the strategic highway network, and therefore easily accessible by car, there are a range of reasons why businesses and their workforce need to be provided with access to a range of travel options, to deliver new jobs and retain a skilled workforce.

Of course, there are wider benefits to the delivery of a successful travel plan programme, including reduced traffic generation, parking demands and associated CO2 emissions. It is through a recognition of this range of benefits that the programme, kick started through Regional Growth Fund monies, has now become an established across the site with long term funding secured from the occupier service charge budget.

Since 2013 TPS has delivered a wide range of initiatives to assist the management team in achieving their aims and objectives. This has included, but isn’t limited to:

  • Setting up and managing a private car share scheme, with associated promotional activities.
  • Agreeing the introduction of a new bus service to the campus, through engagement with local operators.
  • The establishment of an active Bicycle User Group (BUG), with monthly Dr Bike sessions and regular cycle maintenance courses.
  • Undertaking and reporting upon annual staff travel surveys.
  • Creating and rolling out a bespoke marketing and engagement programme;
  • Running monthly on-site events and sustainable travel drop-in sessions.
  • Personal Travel Plan support to individuals.
  • Establishing a range of sustainable travel offers and discounts, including bespoke public transport ticketing discounts.

TPS are delighted to continue to provide services to Sci-Tech Daresbury, and look forward to the further developing the programme as the site expands in coming years.