Majestic Wine: Head Office Travel Plan

TPS was approached by Majestic Wine to provide highways support in relation to an application to increase the headcount at its Head Office in Watford – specifically a car parking study was requested. The application sought to provide additional office floor space, but without additional car parking – despite the existing parking stock being fully utilised for the majority of the time.

After reviewing the proposals our team advised that the preparation of a Travel Plan would provide the best solution. A bespoke strategy would facilitate and encourage trips by sustainable modes in order to reduce overall parking demands across the site, and in doing so facilitate the development of additional floorspace without resulting in overspill car parking.

Our team worked closely with Majestic through the process of preparing the strategy, including to undertake a survey of existing staff travel patterns; analysis of this data informed a package of bespoke measures, which included a shuttle bus from the nearby railway station, initiatives to support car sharers (including priority parking, a guaranteed ride home and a matching scheme), and measures around encouraging cycling (including enhanced cycle parking and a cycle to work scheme). These were supported by a range of marketing / promotional activities, aimed at raising awareness of the various commuting options and support available.

An ambitious target to reduce the proportion of single occupancy car trips was set, to be monitored overtime in support of the travel plans ongoing management.

Despite the initial concerned raised by the Local Planning Authority the application was successful, enabling Majestic Wine to increase the headcount at their head office location.