ASDA Eastlands – Transport Statement

As part of our ongoing framework commission with ASDA Stores Ltd., TPS were approached to prepare a Transport Statement to consider the likely transport impacts associated with a proposal to subdivide ASDA’s Eastlands store, to create new retail and additional leisure opportunities at the site to complement the ASDA store.

Through comprehensive and cordial discussions with highways and planning officers at Manchester City Council, the scope of our assessment was agreed and, to provide flexibility for potential operators, a number of scenarios were considered including various combinations of leisure and retail opportunities.

The TRICS database was consulted to determine the likely traffic generation associated with the varied, potential development options with consideration also given to car park usage and accumulation.  Our report, considering the impact of peak hour trip generation and parking demand, demonstrated that all potential development scenarios for the site would result in a reduced volume of peak hour trip generation and, furthermore, that the parking demand and accumulation associated with the proposals could be readily accommodated within the existing car park.