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Workplace Travel Plan Coordinator

Our team is appointed to act as Workplace Travel Plan Coordinator, on a mix of retained, call off or seconded contracts, across a wide range of workplaces within the UK and Ireland.

The role of Workplace Travel Plan Coordinator is an essential component of any successful Travel Plan, acting as the driving force behind the measures delivered and commonly assuming responsibility for managing and reporting upon all elements of the process.

Whilst the resource which needs to be dedicated to the role varies from project to project, there are a range of common responsibilities which a Travel Plan Coordinator will assume within a workplace context, some of which are listed below:

  • Budget management and business case development;
  • Internal and external stakeholder engagement;
  • Staff engagement, including promotion of travel options and information provision;
  • Regular monitoring of travel patterns, and strategy development;
  • Design and delivery of promotional campaigns;
  • Development and ongoing management of Travel Plan Measures;
  • Event planning and delivery.

Our team are vastly experienced in all elements of the Travel Plan Coordinator role. We are responsible for implementing or supporting over 150 Travel Plans at any one time, covering residential sites, business parks, workplaces, universities and hospitals.

We work hard to ensure that our services deliver best practice, whilst also providing clients with a cost effective and practical solution. We are able to achieve this often through the economies of scale which come with the fulfilment of the Travel Plan Coordinator role across such a large number or projects, and the experiences which come with it.

If you require support in delivering a Travel Plan Coordinator role, please contact our team who will be happy to talk you through the requirements, and how we could help.