Fulfilment Of S106 Travel Plan Obligations

Travel Plans are an important tool used for delivering sustainable access to a new development. A Travel Plan can be developed for any type of site, land use or business, such as a residential development, workplace, school or supermarket. It is a package of measures aimed at facilitating and promoting the use of sustainable modes of travel amongst a target audience.

By submitting a Travel Plan in support of a planning application, the applicant is signing themselves (or the end user) up to deliver on the commitments made, often secured through a S106 obligation or planning condition. This process places a legal requirement upon the applicant to implement the range of measures identified within the Travel Plan, and can often be linked to the delivery of specific measures such as public transport services, public transport ticketing or bike purchase offers.

TPS are vastly experienced in not only the preparation of Travel Plan reports, but also their ongoing implementation. Our team are engaged to act as Travel Plan Coordinator at over 150 sites within the UK, covering residential schemes, workplaces, hospitals, universities, business parks and more.

Through the delivery of a range of cost effective and practical services we are able to ensure that clients are fulfilling their S106 Travel Plan obligations without fuss or unnecessary costs. Our team deal with all elements of the process, from engagement with stakeholders, through to the delivery of specific measures and annual reporting.

Typical services delivered in order to fulfil S106 Travel Plan obligations can include:

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