Improving The Commute

The commute can for many people be a daily grind. It takes up valuable time, the costs can rack up, and the stress levels can rise. A recent survey revealed that the average Brit spends one week a year commuting, at a cost of £1,738. The same survey revealed that one in three people find their daily commute to be a stressful experience.

Challenges associated with the commute aren’t, however, faced by individuals alone. As an employer, if the commute is impacting upon your staff, then it is impacting upon your business. A 2018 survey by global human resource consulting firm, Robert Half, found that more than one in five workers has left a job because of a bad commute. This is not surprising given that the majority of people consider the commute to form part of their working day.

Whilst there are clear challenges, there are also opportunities. An increasing number of employers are tackling the commute head on, using a range of pro-active measures and support to improve the commute for the benefit of the workforce, and ultimately for the benefit of the business.

TPS work with employers to develop and deliver bespoke Workplace Travel Plan Strategies. These strategies are increasingly being used to improve the commute to work through the introduction of policies and measures which make the commute easier, cheaper and healthier. Improved shower facilities, discounted public transport passes, private shuttle services, or even just readily available support and advice … there are a wide range of measures which can make a real difference to peoples daily lives.

To discuss how our team could help to improve the commute to your workplace, and for examples of how we have helped others, please contact our friendly team.