Photograph of a cycle superhighway and two cyclists demonstrating highway and access design

Highway & Access Design

At TPS, we harness our expertise in engineering and utilise industry design software to create preliminary highway and access designs that support development proposals and planning applications. Our primary objective is to deliver cost-effective designs for clients that also promote safety, alleviate congestion, and facilitate better mobility. Our approach often involves the identification and resolution of constraints, such as issues related to third-party land, as well as negotiation with the relevant highway authority.

We are committed to promoting sustainable modes of transport right from the project’s inception. Through our knowledge and expertise, we adhere to the principles outlined in prominent policy documents, such as the “Manual for Streets” and LTN 1/20. This commitment ensures that our designs prioritise active travel, thereby contributing to a more environmentally friendly and accessible transportation infrastructure.

When your planning application necessitates off-site highway improvements, TPS collaborates with our design partners to offer Section 278 and 38 detailed design services.

In delivering these comprehensive design services, TPS plays a crucial role in enhancing the accessibility, safety, and efficiency of transport infrastructure for various development projects. Our commitment to sustainable transportation options and our dedication to delivering cost-effective, high-quality designs make us a valuable partner in the development planning process.

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