Access Feasibility Studies

Establishing viable and suitable access is often the key to unlocking the commercial potential of your development sites, and quite often, technical site constraints arise due to inadequate consideration of them at the early stages of a project. We can assist in reviewing access options and identifying potential challenges to clients from the outset, along with providing cost-effective advice in the initial stages of any site identification to maximise potential value and minimise abortive costs. We can also advise on master plan considerations in relation to parking provision, internal road networks, servicing, pedestrian and cycle provision, all of which can impact on developable area and therefore viability.

We would typically undertake the following tasks when reviewing potential access arrangements:

  • Site Based and Desktop study of the topography and existing road conditions
  • Identify potential land requirements and constraints
  • Multi-modal infrastructure requirements
  • Preliminary junction modelling assessments
  • Design and visibility guidance

Once a suitable access option has been established, we can provide highway and access design, conforming with national and local design guidance, including visibility splays and swept path analysis, in addition to junction capacity modelling to ensure that your development does not have a detrimental impact on the local highway network.