Roberts House: Change Of Use Application

TPS were appointed to work alongside ELG Planning in support of a change of use application in Altrincham. The proposals would see a former office building re-purposed for 91 apartments, requiring the preparation of a Transport Statement and Travel Plan at the planning stage. A key consideration of the Transport Statement was the level of parking available at the site, with just 0.6 spaces per dwelling, as compared with the Council’s standard requiring a ratio of 1:1.

Our Transport Statement (and the accompanying Travel Plan) focused on the sustainable transport credentials of the site – future residents of the development will benefit from a location with excellent accessibility to a plethora of local amenities on foot, by bike or by public transport. Our report considered likely demand for car parking, including a car park accumulation assessment, in order to demonstrate that the proposed level of car parking is appropriate to cater for the likely needs of future residents without undue detriment to the surrounding highway network as a consequence of overspill parking.

The Travel Plan identified a series of measures that will be delivered by the developer as a means to minimise car ownership / use amongst residents. The measures that are included are reflective of TPS’s wide-ranging experience of not only writing residential Travel Plans, but also implementing them. We are currently appointed as Travel Plan Coordinator at over 130 residential sites, giving us unrivalled knowledge of ‘what works’ (and what is cost effective) in this context.