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Business Travel Support for the Higher Education Sector

With our business travel support for higher education, universities can significantly reduce their travel footprint while still enabling core business travel needs.

As higher education institutions work to reduce their carbon footprint and achieve net zero emissions, business travel is coming under increased scrutiny. With academics, researchers, and recruitment teams frequently travelling both domestically and internationally, universities often generate significant carbon impact from travel alone.

We understand the unique nature of the higher education sector and we have extensive experience helping higher education institutions analyse, understand, and reduce the carbon emissions from business travel. This includes identifying ways of reducing the impact of necessary travel and providing guidance and encouragement for low-carbon alternatives.

Through our experience of working with the HE sector, we can provide business travel support for higher education including:

Analysis and assessment of current carbon impact:
  • Review of business travel bookings including grey fleet claims.
  • Analysis of centrally booked travel and expenses travel to draft a technical review of the carbon emissions related to business travel.
  • Review the current cost of business travel to the organisation.
  • Provide insights to perform net zero plans and sustainability reporting.
Development of a Sustainable Business Travel Policy:
  • Provide technical support and advice to assist in the development of the policy.
  • Development of initial guidance and data to support calls to reduce business travel.
  • Facilitation and management of the consultation process. This can include open workshops, online surveys, development of working groups to ensure buy in from those in the decision making process.
  • Development of a formal policy including presentation to senior management teams.
  • Staff communication which includes business travel guidance in an engaging and user friendly format setting out expectations.
  • Target setting for carbon reductions.

Our team understand the unique needs of the higher education sector where travel is often crucial for research collaboration, academic conferences, recruitment, and other core activities. We help balance these real-world needs with carbon reduction measures. Policies we develop will recognise that reduction rather than complete elimination of travel is a more feasible goal. With our support, universities can significantly reduce their travel footprint while still enabling core business travel needs.

If you would like to chat through your specific requirements in more detail, please feel free to get in touch with our team who will happily discuss further.