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John Hacker joins Modeshift board as Residential Travel Plan Executive

We are pleased to announce that John Hacker, Director at TPS, has recently joined the Modeshift Board as the Modeshift STARS Residential Executive.

Here at TPS, we are actively involved in the implementation of over 150 Residential Travel Plans and John has been heavily involved in the preparation and implementation of these for over 15 years now! Therefore, Residential Travel Planning and how to develop and improve the industry is something he has a specific interest in. John is keen to use the experience he has gained within the industry to ensure that the benefits of Residential Travel Plans are fully realised. Not only that, but he is a firm believer that if key stakeholders share their experiences and knowledge, the process of securing, preparing, and implementing Residential Travel Plans can be improved for the benefit of all involved, including developers, residents and Local Authorities.

For all of us at TPS we are looking forward to see how John’s work with Modeshift STARS can help push the industry forward and how various stakeholders can work together to improve Travel Planning across the UK.

Would you like to find out more about Residential Travel Plans or perhaps you need one implemented? We have over 150 active residential Travel Plan projects under our Travel Choices brand across the UK. Find out how we can make Travel Plan implementation cost effective and straightforward for you here. Alternatively, get in touch and we would be more than happy to discuss your requirements.