Construction site with crane and cloudy blue sky

Need a Construction Traffic Management Plan?

CTMPs play a key role in managing the construction of a new development, particularly in relation to construction-related vehicle trips. Once the CTMP has been approved, construction works should be carried out in line with the approved CTMP and, therefore, they are vital in ensuring the safety of construction workers and the general public.

Local Highway Authorities are increasingly imposing pre-commencement planning conditions that require a CTMP to be submitted and approved and, in London, they are required for almost every development, given the constrained nature of sites in the capital, and the high volumes of traffic on the surrounding highway network.

We’ve recently prepared CTMPs for extensions to existing residential properties in London, a new mixed-use development in Cambridge, a care facility in Bury, Solar Farm in Lancashire and for a children’s play/activity centre in Wales, amongst others. Each of these sites has their own unique challenges, which we were able to successfully address in order to discharge the planning condition. You can find more about our CTMP experience here.

If you need a CTMP, please don’t hesitate to contact who will be happy to assist.