Planning Committee success: 38 high-quality units approved in conservation area

Planning Committee voted unanimously to grant permission for the development of 38 high-quality residential units, at Market Street, Reading. The development is in close proximity to listed buildings and within a conservation area and builds upon the previous success of a planning application that secured 144 residential units in the same building. This development will consist of an upward extension and ground floor conversion of the disused office building.

With our extensive experience and expertise, we prepared a Transport Statement and Travel Plan in support of the application and were able to address some of the challenges posed by this development, including the need to demonstrate that the proposed car parking levels were suitable, despite the limited space available.

This is a fantastic result for all of those involved including Savills, Casa Bella Developments, and Tene Living. The addition of 38 high-quality residential units to the conservation area will be a valuable contribution to the local community.

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